Why Is America Falling Behind in Education?

Americans were at the peak with job creation, productivity, and class education right after the World War II till yesterday. But today, the scenario seems to be changing and America, the most powerful country, is failing behind in education. Has anyone given any thought to the issue? What could be the factors responsible for the falling standards in the education sector? Let’s try to do some practical analysis.


Parental Control and Involvement

There is less involvement of parents and over dependence on schools which has increased the risk of students developing less interest in the academics. Normally once school is over no parent takes much interest in student’s studies. Parental control with warmth and involvement is much needed from the initial years till the middle school to maintain healthy psychology in children.

Poor Assessment of Students

The test of assessing students is not up to the mark due to which measurement of progress at individual level is not performed properly. This results in underestimation of those individuals who are above average and thus results in demotivation and diversion from studies to other areas. As per the PISA test by OECD, the U.S. ranked in the middle of the 75 participating countries in math, science, and reading ability.

No Proper Funding From the Government

Since there is no proper funding from government for public schools, it becomes difficult for the school to take extra efforts in other activities. Even when the economy has improved there is decrease in improvement of school budgets. Public schools are shutting down at a faster rate

Outdated Educational Methods

It’s important to cover the digital literacy, i.e., students should be well aware of the advancement of technology in education. Secondly, the educational methods adopted by teacher are bit outdated and also quality of educators is declining. Teachers must adjust to the changing demands of the current education system and try to update themselves before entering an educational institution. Today’s generation is faster than the yesterday’s generation; hence it becomes important for the teachers to understand neuroscience.


It has a profound effect on the education of part of the population as this creates fear in the minds of those who are targeted. They fear to go to school. It also results in poor concentration and higher dropout rate. Teachers too face such situations and avoid going to school regularly.

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