5 Celebrities Who Might Run for the Office of President in 2020


Last year, when Mr. Donald Trump won the Presidential Elections in the United State, it became evident that a candidate who wishes to run for the position does not really need to have any prior experience. The 2020 Presidential Elections, with already 129 people signed up to run for the candidacy, looks to be even more interesting, as many celebrities have come forward with wishes of being a potential candidate. Listed below are five of those big names who are considering a shot at the Office of President in 2020.

1. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

In public interviews when Johnson was asked if he is considering running for Presidency in 2020, he replied that there is a good possibility of it. However the movie star also said that at the moment he is still making a significant impact on the public through his work in the entertainment media. But then again, he does hope to make a difference through political work and he is sure that being an American citizen, it is highly likely that he can become the President.

2. Mark Cuban

The billionaire and “Shark Tank” celebrity, Mark Cuban has hinted that he will do a better job because according to Cuban, the country needs “better leadership,” especially given “what’s happening in the White House, based off what’s happening in the country and the world.” Cuban has often criticized Trump and his methods of running the government and in turn there has been considerable retaliation from the current President, but if there was to be a match up in 2020, Cuban would do no less and hypothetically there seems to be half and half chance for both. However the chances are few because Cuban’s wife does not him to run for the office and Cuban is not really comfortable with the obligation required given the problems that arise from the political grounds.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Even though a large section of the public has been asking Winfrey to consider candidacy, she has not given it much thought. But, when Donald Trump, who was also a television celebrity in the past managed to sit at the office of President, Winfrey has considered that there is a certain possibility even though she lacks experience of an officeholder. But other than stating that she now doesn’t find herself inadequate for filling in the position, Winfrey has given no further comment on the topic, let alone a confirmation and moreover, her close friend Gayle King has vehemently denied any chance of a campaign.

4. Chris Rock

The comedian recently announced on Twitter, accompanied by a flashy poster, that he is going to run for presidency in the 2020 elections. Though many celebrities have expressed their wishes to becoming a potential candidate, Rock seems to be the only one who has announced some sort of confirmation on the social media. But it is still not very clear that whether the comedy star is actually making a joke or not.

5. Kanye West

On accepting the Video Vanguard award in 2015, West declared at the end of his speech that is running for the presidency in 2020. This made him one the earliest candidates to do so. West has explicitly said that he does not have many political thoughts, but he does have a clear idea of human rights and how to help people and probably this is what drove the American wrapper to consider the Office of Presidency.

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