Freeze Your Eggs to Preserve Fertility

A new trend is catching up among young females in the United States. An increasing number of healthy women are choosing to bank their eggs (technically known as oocyte cryopreservation) to counter any infertility issues in future, especially due to the age factor. Recently, New York Times carried a story on egg freezing clinic in Midtown Manhattan, wherein a 26 year old working in a renowned office opted to freeze her eggs for future use.


Women freeze their eggs as a sort of insurance against any kind of problem in conceiving at later age and thus maximize their chances of getting pregnant when they are ready to. Egg fertility clinics have been encouraging the newer generation to go for egg banking. Industries and businesses are constantly brimming over with research and theories on what can tick millennial. This is supposed to be growing on a larger scale as women too want their career goals to be achieved and thus cannot compromise with the demands of work and family lives.

It is believed that bigger organizations like Facebook and Apple had started giving financial support to female employees to freeze their eggs in order to delay childbirth. There have been mixed reactions from women on this – while some appreciated the new option they had, others didn’t find the choice any meaningful.

Most of the population that opted for such reproductive option was in the age group 27 to 44, with a graduate or post graduate degree, while some were earning well. About 25 percent of the population worked for the companies that paid half of the expenses of the procedures.

Despite the procedure being lengthy and emotionally painful (as women have to undergo 10 days of hormonal injections to stimulate the ovaries along with number of ultrasounds to monitor the development of eggs), women are ready to go for it to postpone pregnancy.

Although it’s not yet certain how safe or unsafe the procedure is, Rene Almeling, a sociologist at Yale and author of “Sex cells: The Medical Market for Eggs and Sperm” is of the opinion that it is more beneficial to the companies employing women rather than the women themselves.

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